Manual Constructing and Signing of Transactions


This is a low level class. Do not use this class unless you know what you are doing!


This class is under development and meant for people that are looking into the low level construction and signing of various transactions.

Loading Transactions Class

We load the class for manual transaction construction via:

from beembase import transactions, operations


Now we can use the predefined transaction formats, e.g. Transfer or limit_order_create as follows:

  1. define the expiration time
  2. define a JSON object that contains all data for that transaction
  3. load that data into the corresponding operations class
  4. collect multiple operations
  5. get some blockchain parameters to prevent replay attack
  6. Construct the actual transaction from the list of operations
  7. sign the transaction with the corresponding private key(s)

Example A: Transfer

expiration = transactions.formatTimeFromNow(60)
op = operations.Transfer(**{
    "from": "test",
    "to": "test1",
    "amount": "1.000 SBD",
    "memo": ""
ops    = [transactions.Operation(op)]
ref_block_num, ref_block_prefix = transactions.getBlockParams(rpc)
tx     = transactions.Signed_Transaction(ref_block_num=ref_block_num,
tx = tx.sign([wif])


For broadcasting, we first need to convert the transactions class into a JSON object. After that, we can broadcast this to the network:

# Broadcast JSON to network
rpc.broadcast_transaction(tx.json(), api="network_broadcast"):