Welcome to beem’s documentation!

Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers to monetize content and grow community.

It is based on Graphene (tm), a blockchain technology stack (i.e. software) that allows for fast transactions and ascalable blockchain solution. In case of Steem, it comes with decentralized publishing of content.

The Steem library has been designed to allow developers to easily access its routines and make use of the network without dealing with all the related blockchain technology and cryptography. This library can be used to do anything that is allowed according to the Steem blockchain protocol.

About this Library

The purpose of beem is to simplify development of products and services that use the Steem blockchain. It comes with

  • it’s own (bip32-encrypted) wallet
  • RPC interface for the Blockchain backend
  • JSON-based blockchain objects (accounts, blocks, prices, markets, etc)
  • a simple to use yet powerful API
  • transaction construction and signing
  • push notification API
  • and more



All methods that construct and sign a transaction can be given

the account= parameter to identify the user that is going to affected by this transaction, e.g.:

  • the source account in a transfer
  • the accout that buys/sells an asset in the exchange
  • the account whos collateral will be modified

Important, If no account is given, then the default_account according to the settings in config is used instead.

from beem import Steem
steem = Steem()
steem.transfer("<to>", "<amount>", "<asset>", "<memo>", account="<from>")
from beem.blockchain import Blockchain
blockchain = Blockchain()
for op in Blockchain.ops():
from beem.block import Block
from beem.account import Account
account = Account("test")
for h in account.history():
from beem.market import Market
# Not working at the moment
# market = Market("STEEM:SBD")
# print(market.ticker())
# market.steem.wallet.unlock("wallet-passphrase")
# print(market.sell(300, 100)  # sell 100 STEEM for 300 STEEM/SBD
from beem.dex import Dex
# not working at the moment
# dex = Dex()
# dex.steem.wallet.unlock("wallet-passphrase")


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