beempy CLI

beempy is a convenient CLI utility that enables you to manage your wallet, transfer funds, check balances and more.

Using the Wallet

beempy lets you leverage your BIP38 encrypted wallet to perform various actions on your accounts.

The first time you use beempy, you will be prompted to enter a password. This password will be used to encrypt the beempy wallet, which contains your private keys.

You can change the password via changewalletpassphrase command.

beempy changewalletpassphrase

From this point on, every time an action requires your private keys, you will be prompted ot enter this password (from CLI as well as while using steem library).

To bypass password entry, you can set an environment variable UNLOCK.

UNLOCK=mysecretpassword beempy transfer <recipient_name> 100 STEEM

Common Commands

First, you may like to import your Steem account:

beempy importaccount

You can also import individual private keys:

beempy addkey <private_key>

Listing accounts:

beempy listaccounts

Show balances:

beempy balance account_name1 account_name2

Sending funds:

beempy transfer --account <account_name> <recipient_name> 100 STEEM memo

Upvoting a post:

beempy upvote --account <account_name>

Setting Defaults

For a more convenient use of beempy as well as the beem library, you can set some defaults. This is especially useful if you have a single Steem account.

beempy set default_account test
beempy set default_vote_weight 100

beempy config
 | Key                 | Value  |
 | default_account     | test   |
 | default_vote_weight | 100    |

If you’ve set up your default_account, you can now send funds by omitting this field:

beempy transfer <recipient_name> 100 STEEM memo


beempy –help

You can see all available commands with beempy --help

 ~ % beempy --help

  -n, --node TEXT        URL for public Steem API (e.g.
  -o, --offline          Prevent connecting to network
  -d, --no-broadcast     Do not broadcast
  -p, --no-wallet        Do not load the wallet
  -x, --unsigned         Nothing will be signed
  -e, --expires INTEGER  Delay in seconds until transactions are supposed to
                         expire (defaults to 60)
  -v, --verbose INTEGER  Verbosity
  --version              Show the version and exit.
  --help                 Show this message and exit.

  addkey                  Add key to wallet When no [OPTION] is given,...
  allow                   Allow an account/key to interact with your...
  approvewitness          Approve a witnesses
  balance                 Shows balance
  broadcast               broadcast a signed transaction
  buy                     Buy STEEM or SBD from the internal market...
  cancel                  Cancel order in the internal market
  changewalletpassphrase  Change wallet password
  claimreward             Claim reward balances By default, this will...
  config                  Shows local configuration
  convert                 Convert STEEMDollars to Steem (takes a week...
  createwallet            Create new wallet with a new password
  currentnode             Sets the currently working node at the first...
  delkey                  Delete key from the wallet PUB is the public...
  delprofile              Delete a variable in an account's profile
  disallow                Remove allowance an account/key to interact...
  disapprovewitness       Disapprove a witnesses
  downvote                Downvote a post/comment POST is...
  follow                  Follow another account
  follower                Get information about followers
  following               Get information about following
  importaccount           Import an account using a passphrase
  info                    Show basic blockchain info General...
  interest                Get information about interest payment
  listaccounts            Show stored accounts
  listkeys                Show stored keys
  mute                    Mute another account
  muter                   Get information about muter
  muting                  Get information about muting
  newaccount              Create a new account
  nextnode                Uses the next node in list
  openorders              Show open orders
  orderbook               Obtain orderbook of the internal market
  parsewif                Parse a WIF private key without importing
  permissions             Show permissions of an account
  pingnode                Returns the answer time in milliseconds
  power                   Shows vote power and bandwidth
  powerdown               Power down (start withdrawing VESTS from...
  powerdownroute          Setup a powerdown route
  powerup                 Power up (vest STEEM as STEEM POWER)
  pricehistory            Show price history
  resteem                 Resteem an existing post
  sell                    Sell STEEM or SBD from the internal market...
  set                     Set default_account, default_vote_weight or...
  setprofile              Set a variable in an account's profile
  sign                    Sign a provided transaction with available...
  ticker                  Show ticker
  tradehistory            Show price history
  transfer                Transfer SBD/STEEM
  unfollow                Unfollow/Unmute another account
  updatememokey           Update an account's memo key
  upvote                  Upvote a post/comment POST is...
  votes                   List outgoing/incoming account votes
  walletinfo              Show info about wallet
  witnesscreate           Create a witness
  witnesses               List witnesses
  witnessupdate           Change witness properties